Iain demonstrates his legendary crabby disposition


This here is Iain's website so folks from around the globe can keep track of his goings-on. That's him to the left. Ain't he the card?

Peruse this site at your leisure using the menu items above: sign the guestbook, figure out how best to contact this irascible fellow, and gawk at the mystifying photo gallery section. Heavens to Betsy, but ain't there a lot to see and do.

Iain's Excellent Adventures around the Globe

Would you want to learn English from this man? Following his graduation from Carleton University in his hometown of Ottawa, Ontario, Iain flew to South Korea in August of 1999. After a four-year stint teaching English in Changwon and Masan City, punctuated by a six-month return to the Great White North and a drizzly period in Jolly old England, Iain returned to Korea in 2004.

We have been informed, by a linguistics "expert" at the University of Toronto, that the two lines of Korean to the left translate to "Aficionado of the meat-tomato immersed latin noodle," and "Antagonist of the red-hot fiery peppermint and liquids of surplus bubble."

And for those who were wondering, Iain's name is pronounced: EE-ann ANN-drew mak-AIN-rik RAW-jers. Iain is the traditional Gaelic spelling of "John," and MacEanruig means "son of Henry." There was, quite clearly, a period in the '70s during which the Rogers family was infatuated with all things Scottish.

He's a SuperStar!
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